Here’s how the weekend looked – kind of.

There was more wind and rain involved in the real thing. 🙂

Can you see that I’ve been spending some time trying to improve my Photoshop/Photoediting/Wordpress/Blogging/NerdSmartPersonness?

Things I’ve been looking at:

Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity.

Purple Kale Kitchenworks – 2 minutes to dinner, and a technique called mise en place (“everything in its place”) which really involves prepping everything you bring from the grocery store to your home, a lot like a kitchen would for a new week of serving patrons.  It makes cooking easier – and also allows for a good amount of creativity in your day to day eating.

Hari Hachi Bichu – the Okinawan diet – lots of pork fat, sea vegetables, and fermented everything. In general, lately I’ve started to be pretty aggressive about trying to include more fermented foods in my diet – and I’d also like to make MAKING them… you can only take so much fermented cabbage!

Puppies.  Ooooooh puppies.

Eskimos/Inuit – I actually aspire to be part Eskimo, I think.  I had even contemplated calling this blog Eskimeats, EskimoEats, or ErinlikesEskimos… but apparently “Eskimo” is a derogatory term now.

There are so many books that I really want and should just get, or at least keep track of wanting.  This is one of them.

So now, mainly because it seems like my gut is pretty inflamed from vacation… BROTH.

Broth may not look appetizing at all when it starts off cold...but a lot of things don't.

The above is chicken broth which I just had plain along with Jungle Kraut which you can find at Fairfoods… it’s good stuff and my first time trying this particular type of Kraut!

This is Smoked Turkey Broth with 3 eggs – because otherwise I would have had no protein today.

Other than that, it’s just been mint tea and water all day. I feel better. A little sleepy.

More broth stories:

My mom always made me Ox-Tail soup when I was sick. Also, Seaweed Soup (even though that’s for pregnant people).

From Balanced Bites, Mineral-Rich Bone Broth Recipe;  Beef broth is probably my favorite.

The ins and outs of broth-drinking for the every day healthy cave girl, from Cave Girl Eats.