Here’s how the weekend looked – kind of.

There was more wind and rain involved in the real thing. 🙂

Can you see that I’ve been spending some time trying to improve my Photoshop/Photoediting/Wordpress/Blogging/NerdSmartPersonness?

Things I’ve been looking at:

Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity.

Purple Kale Kitchenworks – 2 minutes to dinner, and a technique called mise en place (“everything in its place”) which really involves prepping everything you bring from the grocery store to your home, a lot like a kitchen would for a new week of serving patrons.  It makes cooking easier – and also allows for a good amount of creativity in your day to day eating.

Hari Hachi Bichu – the Okinawan diet – lots of pork fat, sea vegetables, and fermented everything. In general, lately I’ve started to be pretty aggressive about trying to include more fermented foods in my diet – and I’d also like to make MAKING them… you can only take so much fermented cabbage!

Puppies.  Ooooooh puppies.

Eskimos/Inuit – I actually aspire to be part Eskimo, I think.  I had even contemplated calling this blog Eskimeats, EskimoEats, or ErinlikesEskimos… but apparently “Eskimo” is a derogatory term now.

There are so many books that I really want and should just get, or at least keep track of wanting.  This is one of them.